UNIX Hacker's Fraternity

κάποιος που ήταν πάντα χρήσιμος σε αυτήν την αλληλογραφία

uHF is a network for those who like hacking, beer and system cartography.

The virtual frathouse lives on Matrix #hackerfraternity:hackerfraternity.org

E-mail: hackerfantastic [AT] hackerfraternity [dot] org

Matrix: hackerfantastic [AT] hackerfraternity [dot] org

Follow: https://social.hackerfraternity.org/@hackerfantastic

Videos: https://peertube.hackerfraternity.org

GPG: B3E4 ADF2 3FDE 5240 C469 0B70 B25B F186 1DE7 D899

BTC: bc1q8p0jpt59mlsyd0z5at44rskgedesg9ar7ds0r9

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